Shannon Miller – The Most Decorated Gymnast in American History

Tonight I had the incredible honor and privilege of meeting Shannon Miller – US gymnast, mother, and cancer survivor. 

If you had told me 3 1/2 years ago when I moved to Saint Augustine that I would be going downtown on a Wednesday evening to attend an event sponsored by She Is Fierce held in to one of the most beautiful venues in Saint Augustine, The Treasury, and listening to inspiring women like Shannon Miller speak about having a gold-medal mindset, how to overcome the challenges in life with a positive attitude, and how to actively pursue your dreams, I would not have believed you.

Talk about accomplished – she was the 1993 and 1994 world all-around champion, the 1996 Olympic balance beam champion, the 1995 Pan-American games all around champion, and a member of the gold-medal winning Magnificent Seven team at the 1996 Olympics. She is the most decorated US gymnast, male or female, in the Olympic games with a total of seven metals. She has a combined total of 16 world championships and Olympic medals between 1991 and 1996. She was the most successful American athlete of the 1992 Olympics winning five metals total.

But that’s not what she talked about. She spoke about goal setting, the importance of writing down the steps it would take for you to accomplish your goals, and then consistently pursuing them every day. She talked about all the work that goes into helping you reach your goals. In her opinion goals are reached during that hard work and because of that hard work and the consistency of the hard work. She talked about the “team” in our lives that are all an integral part of helping us accomplish our goals. She talked about why we should support each other, lift each other up, cheer each other on, and be there for each other as women just as her team members have always been there for her and she for them. Our team members are the people in our lives who know, like, trust and care about us and vice versa.

She talked about how they found out she had cancer and what she went through. She touched upon her mindset, realizing that she had a team of people helping her to beat cancer was key. She was not alone – she was part of a team!

She finished up with a question and answer session which was phenomenal. For the hour and 15 minutes that she spoke, she said so many profound things that there are just too many to mention here.

Shannon is beautiful inside and out!   Shannon is an inspiration because despite her accomplishments, she made it perfectly clear that she is no different than you or I or any other female trying to navigate her way in the world today.

If you have not heard of this She Is Fierce organization in Saint Augustine, you need to get plugged in.  Go to SheIsFierce for more information!  

Women of Vision Event at Flagler College

A goal of the Women of Vision Fund is to teach both donors and scholarship recipients that paying it forward is a way of life and has a positive impact on the College, the community, and the nation at large.

I have been involved with the Power of the Purse event since it’s inception at Flagler College. This fabulous event will take place at Flagler College on May 18th, 2017.  Please consider making a donation and supporting this fundraiser. You can do so here.

You can learn more about the Women of Vision organization and the Power of the Purse event here and read about last years event here.

My Happy Place

This is my happy place!  When I’m sitting all alone at the beach lost in my thoughts and I watch the sunrise, I see the awesomeness of our Creator. No matter what is going on in life, no matter what challenges you face, the sun comes up every day, the waves roll in, and the birds playfully chirp and chase each other in the sky just skimming along the waters edge. It is a fresh beginning. It is a new opportunity to notice the blessings in life. God has a plan, and it is a good one for he knows far better what is best for us then we do. We are given another day to focus on our blessings, appreciate our loved ones, and make a positive impact in this amazing world.  We are each but a grain of sand but together we have the opportunity to be an awesome and beautiful foundation of peace, a vision of the beauty in this world that has freely been given to us, and a reminder to others of the opportunity that we are given with each new day!  So go to your happy place, sit quietly and listen to the beautiful sounds of life, breathe in the incredible fragances in the air, reflect on your blessings, and then go out and share your love in this world!  Be a shining light of peace, hope and love. Your life will be enriched beyond your wildest imagination!

1st Time Home Buyers Seminar

Why rent when you can own?

Thinking about purchasing a home this year? Discover everything that you need to know to get started.

  • Relevant mortgage information.
  • Credit fixes.
  • Planning for a financially rewarding future.
  • Current real estate market information and the home buying process.

DATE AND TIME: Sat, February 25, 2017 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

LOCATION: The Academy | CrossFit Atlantic 1605 Old Moultrie Road St. Augustine, FL 32086

RSVP through Eventbrite or by calling Paula directly at 904-687-6177